About Lilanz
In 1987, the Wang Brothers, founders of the Group, began their menswear manufacturing and wholesale business.
In 1995, Lilang (Fujian) Garment Co., Ltd., the first company of the China Lilang Limited (“China Lilang”) Group, was founded, and began selling menswear products under our LILANG brand.
In 2008, our English brand name was changed to LILANZ.
Through a determined quest for development spanning over three decades, China Lilang has evolved into a preeminent and nationally renowned branded menswear enterprise integrating design, R&D, manufacturing, as well as marketing distribution.
In 2009, China Lilang became the first branded menswear enterprise from China listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, ushering a new era in capital market financing for Chinese menswear brands.
In 2019, the China Lilang Group recorded revenue of RMB 3.66 billion for the full year. At the end of 2019, there were 2815 LILANZ stores across many large and small cities in China.
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Looking back to the development history of China Lilang, we have come a long way from a small workshop with just a handful of artisans to becoming a household name in the menswear industry in China integrating R&D, fashion design, garment manufacturing, as well as marketing distribution. Our path of expansion has taken us from making individual product lines to today’s full collection featuring overcoat and jacket, innerwear, trousers, footwear, accessories and so forth. From being the first in China to pioneer the style concept of “business casual wear” to unveiling the latest innovation in “new business outfit” for men, China Lilang always maintain a steady and unswerving course in constant innovation and upgrade.
By finding the primary motivation for creating our products from the customers’ unfulfilled needs, we keep up a constant and diligent effort to uncover consumer demands in order to offer our customers with products distinguished by unsurpassed quality, creative design, fashion sense, as much as the best value-for-money. We dedicate ourselves to the quest as forerunner in popular fashion trend highlighted by our quality with originality and design innovation.
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“Less is More” – The LILANZ Brand Story
Highlighting Minimalism Design
Leading the Way in Modish Vogue
In 2000, Wang Liangxing, one of the founders of China Lilang, captured an inspirational insight from the “personal digital assistant (PDA)” that was popular in the 1990s to put forward the ground-breaking notion of “business casual menswear”, bringing an all-new product category into the market for that time, blazing a new development path for the menswear industry in China. “He who overcomes others may speak with a strong voice, but he who could overcome personal shortcomings has true power”. The year 2016 witnessed China Lilang once again breaking new grounds. Centring on consumers, China Lilang embarked upon fresh initiatives to explore new growth prospects and new business models that were epitomised by the creation of refined living experience for the customers, and launched the young and chic “LILANZ LESS IS MORE” collection. The notion of “LESS IS MORE” is an embodiment of the LILANZ design philosophy of “Less is More”. The collection adopts a minimalist design cutting for a diversified product mix with unique craftsmanship to create garments that look and feel more comfortable.
China Lilang sees an all-new business force in 2020 and takes the opportunities to launch LILANZ X CHINA DAILY crossover products. Kindled by the inspiration from the front cover of China Daily, the products map out the blueprint for a new generation of fashion alamode, ushering China Lilang in a completely new era with opportunities abound for the new business outfit.
Fostering Spirit of Originality
Creating Brand Personality
International Team +
Fabrics R&D Centre +
In today’s general environment of ongoing consumption upgrade, attentions are directed into LILANZ’s core strength in products to build the distinctive attributes for a brand label of originality whilst shaping a differentiated and unique brand personality. We adopt the proactive initiative of embarking upon a course of action in upgrading the fashion element of the brand. In terms of product styles, the proportion of our original design products is currently about 70%. In the area of product development, China Lilang has established an in-house fabrics research centre equipped with highly specialised colour matching systems and fabric printers. LILANZ can fittingly pride itself on exclusivity and foresight from the selection of yarns and fabrics, printing and dying, in-house pattern and logo designs, to post-production lab testing, etc. We research our fabric materials starting from yarns, thus boosting our flexibility in the development of fabric materials, all the while effectively keeping costs under control and ensuring product quality.
In addition, the company has also established its international R&D team in 2012. With that, we aim to keep abreast of the latest trend in ideas and concepts from the international arena. To that end, a top-notch international design team endowed with the distinctive attribute of “LILANZ DNA” is built up to assist us to create products of original design.
Applying Innovative Thinking
Guiding Channel Transformation
As early as 2013, China Lilang was already implementing plans to fine-tune and upgrade the overall structures of the brand’s retail channels by increasing its presence in shopping malls. As of 30 Jun 2020, LILANZ had 768 stores in shopping malls, including Wanda Plaza, Vanke Mall, SM City, Thaihot Plaza, and others.
As for new retail, China Lilang has set up stores on various online platforms such as TMALL, JD, and so forth. Meanwhile, traffic statistics and sales analysis data from the online channels are used for the development of the physical stores, engendering full integration of online and offline resources, complementing the relative strengths of both strategies.
The “LILANZ “LESS IS MORE” collection targets consumers in the first- and second-tier cities and its store image design is oriented towards the preferences of the young generation. By creatively constructing the store’s visual ambiance and projecting a minimalist and avant-garde image in a refreshing and concise style, a pleasant and no-nonsense shopping experience is offered for the consumers.
The collection’s minimalist chic product designs, high frequency of new product launches, plus excellent value-for-money have undoubtedly gained many young urban male consumers’ favour.
Building on Core Values
Facilitating an All-New Experience
China Lilang consistently embraces a design philosophy of “Less is More” to interpret and cast our corporate core values. We spare no effort in our quest for excellence as much as our insistence on attention to details and fastidious craftsmanship to be resonant with the discernment of the young generation with an uplifting visual and sensory shopping experience.
In 2002, when the brand conceived the motto “Less is More” turning it into a design philosophy for menswear fashion, Chen Daoming, a film and television celebrity in China, was also invited to take on the role as brand ambassador in a campaign to interpret and showcase our corporate core values. “Less is More” has since become a classic motif of the era.
The year 2007 saw LILANZ representing China and even the whole of Asia by its grand entrance into Milano Moda Uomo. The brand is also subsequently featured in other world-class fashion weeks on numerous occasions.
In 2015, China Lilang sponsored 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualification in Asia, making a practical contribution to supporting the national soccer team whilst further bolstering the brand reputation. LILANZ is constantly exploring the fusion between the philosophy of “Less is More” and social culture, art, and fashion.
During 2018 FIFA World Cup, LILANZ joint hands with its supporters to embark on a World Cup journey of exploration in Russia. This heralded a new era in brand fashion culture, bringing an all-new experience of brand value to the consumers.
In 2020, LILANZ launches crossover products major IP holders such as “China Daily”, “Justice League”, concept artist Nick, Chinese anime “The Outcast” and Japanese anime “Doraemon”. LILANZ is perfecting a brand transformation for itself with diversified and most up-to-the-minute styles whilst ushering the dawn of an era in new business outfit.
Leveraging the Verve of a Great Brand
Driving the Trend of the Times
Three decades of diligence; three decades of dedication. China Lilang leverages its future foresights and commitment to responsibility whilst upholding a customer-centred principle to constantly explore the Zeitgeist with head in the cloud and feet on the ground, and proactively broadening the company’s horizon in an unremitting quest for the holy grail of building a fashion label of the century and creating better life for people.
China Lilang unswervingly champions the article of faith in “collaboration, openness, and mutual benefit”, firmly keeping to a course of cooperation with our customers, collaborative partners, and business associates in a joint endeavour to innovate and expand the industry value chain, and to build up a positively beneficial industry eco-sphere. Moreover, China Lilang is also committed to leveraging its core strengths to project the positive energy of an indigenous brand, and contribute to the rise of Chinese brands as collective movement.
As another key milestone on the path of constant growth, China Lilang has outlaid significant investment into developing a “Fashion Creative Park” to attract creative talents from the global fashion industry, building up a general eco-environment for innovative sharing and mutual business benefit, transforming a former garden enclosure into a self-sustaining ecosphere with colourful and variegated diversity whilst giving full play to our merits as the foremost national brand to keep abreast with advancing technologies, and diligently and unremittingly driving sustained progress and development in the fashion industry.